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    Here are a few words about myself: I am a 35-year-old photographer living in the charming Loire Valley near Tours, with my loving partner and our cute dachshund, whom I adore! This peaceful setting provides me with the perfect environment to nurture my creativity and zest for life.

    Ever since 2013, when I graduated from a Parisian photography school, I have been on an incredible journey. I’ve assisted renowned photographers in fashion, architecture, and still-life, managed an amazing studio (The Stella Studio in Paris), and finally focused on capturing the timeless beauty of weddings, elopements, engagement sessions, and editorial shoots.

    Traveling to new and inspiring destinations in France and abroad, and documenting the love stories that unfold before my lens is what truly sets my soul on fire!

    Drawing inspiration from strong and timeless imagery, I bring a graphic and minimalist approach to crafting the lasting memories of a moment of love. My solid technical knowledge, along with my diverse experiences in photography, have allowed me to refine my unique perspective and entire visual language.

    My work has been recognized lately, and I feel so grateful for it. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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